JACKEL Sewage Pump Check Valve (Model: 2GP-FF)

JACKEL Sewage Pump Check Valve (Model: 2GP-FF)

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The 2GP-FF sewage pump check valve passes a full two inch solid. Utilizing our innovative ABS body and our own adapters, the 2GP-FF is certain to become another icon in the Jackel line.

Features and Benefits

  • Jackel's own 2 in. adapters
  • The most durable flapper in the industry
  • All stainless steel clamps
  • Strong and durable ABS body
  • Fits 2.0 in. black, galvanized or schedule 40 pipe

Size: 2.0 in. (Adapters)
Material: ABS (Body), PVC (Adapters) and 301 Stainless Steel (Clamps and Fasteners)
Application: Sewage Pumps