JACKEL 1/4 HP Pre-Plumbed Laundry Sink Pump System (Model: JPACK06S-225V)

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Model: JPACK06S-225V

This 1/4 HP Pre-Plumbed Laundry Sink Tray System is designed for use as an alternative to direct-drain sinks. Ideal for washing machine, wet bar, air conditioner and dehumidifier discharge. The modified octagonal shape of the basin allows for the system to fit into tight corners while not giving up any capacity.

The system comes fully pre-plumbed and ready to install.

System Includes:

  • 1/4 HP Sump Pump
  • Polyethylene Structural Foam Laundry Sink Tray Basin
  • ABS Plastic Threaded Check Valve
  • Reusable Cover Seal
  • 2-Hole Cord Grommet